cowboy up

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To be more specific, Mulder tells a sheriff's deputy, locked in a room and
battling a monster that feeds on fear, to "cowboy up," which implies that he
needed to be brave, since that would defeat the monster.  Instead, the
deputy is saved by the rising sun.

A truly inspired episode, at one point in the scene mentioned, Mulder
whispers intently to the deputy, "We've got the TV folks out here," or
something close to that in an attempt to shame the deputy to open the door.
Very dark and very funny.



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> The X-Files on Sunday night had a crossover episode with Cops.  At
> one point, after someone is killed, one of the cops said something to
> the effect of, "Times like this, you gotta cowboy up, give 150%,
> catch the bad guys."
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