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Actually, Bob, this was the second use of the term _cowboy up_ in
that episode.  The first instance was just after the sketch artist
was killed, about 25 minutes in.

I agree--a great episode of this often-inspired show.

I suspect if I watched COPS more often than I do (which is never), I
might hear "cowboy up" more often.

At 7:17 AM -0500 2/21/00, Bob Haas wrote:
>To be more specific, Mulder tells a sheriff's deputy, locked in a room and
>battling a monster that feeds on fear, to "cowboy up," which implies that he
>needed to be brave, since that would defeat the monster.  Instead, the
>deputy is saved by the rising sun.
>A truly inspired episode, at one point in the scene mentioned, Mulder
>whispers intently to the deputy, "We've got the TV folks out here," or
>something close to that in an attempt to shame the deputy to open the door.
>Very dark and very funny.
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>>  The X-Files on Sunday night had a crossover episode with Cops.  At
>>  one point, after someone is killed, one of the cops said something to
>>  the effect of, "Times like this, you gotta cowboy up, give 150%,
>>  catch the bad guys."
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