Anti-swearing law

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Wow!  Thanks for a fascinating little essay, even if it doesn't deal
directly with American dialects.

The passage below that confuses you (and me) on chronological grounds, also
confuses me on other grounds, namely:  Quite apart from the issue of
chronology, wasn't Christ celebate?  Or does the author of the passage know
something never before revealed, even in the Bible?  So my question would
be, "The seed of Christ?  In the Old Testament?!  In the New Testament?!!!

Peter M.

--On Tue, Feb 22, 2000 7:15 PM -0500 "James E. Clapp" <jeclapp at WANS.NET>

>  This
> particular source, however, loses me when it goes on to explain:  "This
> was forbidden by God to protect the seed of Christ (which had to be pure
> and without blemish) in Israel from intermixing with foreign entities."
> Now, I don't know anything about these things, but... The seed of
> Christ?  In the Old Testament?

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