Anti-swearing law

RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Wed Feb 23 01:29:19 UTC 2000

In a message dated 2/22/2000 10:30:19 AM, jsmithjamessmith at YAHOO.COM writes:

<< Hmmm... laws against language that is considered to be
sexual harassment, hateful, or racist (just three
examples) don't appear to pass constitutional muster
either, but they're on the books and enforced. >>

This is inaccurate. Sexual and racial harrassment in the workplace may open
one up to civil sanctions, and some colleges and univelrsities have rules
governing student behvbior with respect to speech, but so far as I know there
are no "laws on the books" that would make it illegal to mutter hateful,
racist, or sexist comments to no one in particular on a canoeing trip.

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