Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle

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Fri Feb 25 03:53:06 UTC 2000

   It's gonna take a day or two.  I work all day tomorrow, and for some reason libraries close early on Fridays.
   An article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12-31-1999, pg. D-12, looked at twenty years of Pittsburgh history from 1960-1980 and had:

June 14, 1962--Plans are announced for an $84 million rebuilding plan for the Golden Triangle.

   If you can wait until Saturday, I'll take a look at these:

HOLIDAY, March 1959, pp. 80-87+.  (G.T. has to be here if the name existed at that time.)
LOOK, Dec. 8, 1959, pp. 70a-70c.  (G.T. should be here, too, if it existed then.)
VOGUE, Feb, 1, 1960, pp. 134-135.
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE, March 1965, pp. 342-371.  (An extended Pittsburgh profile.  It's gotta be here.)
LIFE, Dec. 24, 1965, pp. 78-79, "Golden clean-up."  (It's GOTTA be here!!)

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