Query: Amer. Accent Origin

Grant Barrett gbarrett at AMERICANDIALECT.ORG
Thu Feb 24 23:28:25 UTC 2000

This came into the ADS web site. I know this is a huge one. But I forward it on
hoping that we'll come up with a strong list of titles that can address this issue--and
it might be good if they're in general circulation, seeing as how Mr. Negovelov will
have to get ahold of them in Russia.

Please forward your thoughts to the sender and the list both. Thanks.

FROMADDRESS:    negovel at uc.jinr.ru
FIRSTNAME:      Sergey
LASTNAME:       Negovelov

    Would you tell me, please: which regional accent of England became the basis of
the American pronunciation? I mean the pronunciation that is the most common among
white Americans (and is other than Eastern and Southern American) -- as far as I know,
it is called Midwestern, or General American.
    Of course, the origins of this pronunciation should be searched for among the
British r-full accents (i.e., where the [r] sound is pronounced wherever r is written,
for example, in words like laRge, tuRn, foRewaRn, etc.). The Irish and Scottish
accents, although r-full, in their other special features have almost nothing in common
with the American pronunciation. Could  England's West Country accent have been the
main origin of the American pronunciation?
      Thank you for considering my question.
      Best regards
      Sergey (Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia)

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