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Please read this last message about tchotchkes so that you will know to
check your leg for evidence of pulling.


>If it is beautiful, at least to you, then it is NOT a tchotchke as far as
>you are concerned. Possibly not for me either, I would have to see it. I
>thought I made that clear in my second note.
>I only ever intended to point out that tchotchke is not a complimentary
>term and a little strange for an exhibit title. Actual beauty is always in
>eye of the beholder, as is anything else.
>I will not respond to any other messages about tchotchkes or even read
>since I know I hate it when people get off topic.
> I pronounce "gee-gaw"
>/gig(backwards-c)/. But perhaps my opinion isn't worth anything.
>Diana Fingar

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