Ich bin ein Berliner

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Here is the reference for ³Ich bin ein Berliner²:

Reinhold Aman: ³Debunking Kennedy¹s ŒI Am A Jelly-Filled Doughnut¹.²
_Maledicta_ (subtitle: _The International Journal Of Verbal Aggression_),
vol. XI, 1990-1995 [sic], pp.63-64.

---If  anyone is interested in subscribing to Aman¹s _Maledicta_, the
address is: Maledicta Press, P.O. Box 14123, Santa Rosa, CA 95402-6123,
USA. --- Aman is the world¹s foremost expert on the language of verbal
aggression. And although highly interesting, his publication _Maledicta_ is
not for readers who object to X-rated material.

---Here is Aman¹s article (not X-rated) on ³Ich bin ein Berliner²:
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-----That concludes Aman¹s article.

--Gerald Cohen

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