Ich bin ein Berliner

A. Vine avine at ENG.SUN.COM
Thu Jun 1 23:08:53 UTC 2000

Gerald Cohen wrote:
> Here is the reference for ³Ich bin ein Berliner²:
> Reinhold Aman: ³Debunking Kennedy¹s ?I Am A Jelly-Filled Doughnut¹.²
> _Maledicta_ (subtitle: _The International Journal Of Verbal Aggression_),
> vol. XI, 1990-1995 [sic], pp.63-64.
>      ³No intelligent native speaker of German tittered in Berlin when J.F.
> K. spoke, just as no native speaker of German, or one who does know this
> language, would titter if someone said ?Ich bin ein Wiener¹ or ?Hamburger¹
> or ?Frankfurter.¹ Only a chuckling chucklehead would translate ?Ich bin ein
> Wiener¹ (?I am a male Viennese¹) as ?I am a sausage¹ (or ?penis¹ or
> ?ineffectual person¹ or ?jerk¹ or ?very serious student¹) Only a tittering
> twit would translate ?Ich bin ein Hamburger¹ (?a male person from Hamburg¹)
> as ?I am a meat patty¹ (or ?hobo¹ or ?beggar¹ or ?scarred prizefighter¹ or
> ?inferior racing dog¹ or ?mixture of mud and skin nutrients¹).  And only a
> babbling bubblebrain would translate ?Ich bin ein Frankfurter¹ (?a male
> person from Frankfurt¹) as ?I am a long, smoked reddish sausage¹...

or "hot dog" which name comes from a caption of a cartoon written by Tad

(Sorry Barry, nothing like combining as many urban legends as possible.)

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