Shill Bidding

Frank Abate Abatefr at CS.COM
Thu Jun 8 20:16:41 UTC 2000

Sorry for the confusion all, but I crossed two terms up in my previous posting.  In the passage below, switch the uses of "idiome"
and "idiotisme".  "Idiotisme" is the term equivalent to English "idiom", as in the case of "kick the bucket".

Frank Abate

There is a distinction made by a French linguist (maybe someone out there knows who) between "idiome" (an idiom) and "idiotisme" (a way in which words are naturally put together according to the rules of the language, if learned and applied conventionally).   The idiomes are the things that dicts enter -- classic example, "kick the bucket".  The idiotismes are what practiced speakers of the language do when they use the syntactic rules of the language conventionally.

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