Black Talk (1970)

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  I've been going through the Chicago Tribune in my "gyro" search.
  From the CHICAGO TRIBUNE MAGAZINE, 20 September 1970, pg. 50:

_Black Talk_
Presenting Mrs. Hermese Roberts, a together school principal whose boss glossary of idioms may improve communication between the gray boys and brothers.
   (...)  The English Language Institute of America asked her to undertake the project; it would distribute the glossary to its client corporations, large firms which hire black help. (...)

   The terms (with nice, long definitions) are:

bawstid; big juice; blood; blue-eyed soul brother; boss dick; burn; bustin(g); case; chuck; creep; crumbcrushers; dap, dapt; do; do rag; down; dues; dusties; FBI (Fat, Black, Ignorant)(RHHDAS 1961 for Fat Bald Ignorant, 1974 for this--ed.); flew coy; fox; Georgia ham (DARE 1971--ed.); get hat; get in the wind; got some chest; get wasted; give me some skin; going for; gowster, gouster; gray boy; grease; grip; hammer; happy shop; hard legs; hawk; herb; hinety; hog; honky; ice that!; letter from home; light housekeeping; main mellow; main squeeze; mammy; member; mink; nod; nose open; ofay; off; oreo; paddy; peck; pig; playing the dozens; Ralph Bunche; ready; real down; rip off; screaming on; set; shackin(g); sheen; sho' 'nuff; side; sky piece; smash; soft legs; soul brother; stallion; stone, strung out; taste; thang; The Man; together; vines.

--------------------------------------------------------APPLE (NATIVE AMERICAN SLANG)

   RHHDAS has 1980.
   From the CHICAGO TRIBUNE MAGAZINE, 2 August 1970, pg. 44, col. 2:

   Well, that's another problem Indians have.  A lot of them don't know who they are or want to be.  Some people tell them to be white because that's success.  Other people tell them to be Indian because that's strength.  Many have solved the problem by becoming what militant Indians call "apples," red outside and white inside.  Tonto was an "apple."  "Apples" couldn't care less about the antics on Alcatraz.  "Apples" also usually have good jobs.

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