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>Gareth Branwyn writes:
>>"Clit mouse" has been around for years. It was submitted to the Jargon
>>column in Nov. '96 by someone at Stanford.
>>I never brought myself to submit it to Wired at the time, but have used it
>>ever since and have heard it frequently used by others.
>Right--when I tried searching for 'clitmouse' I came up empty,
>but there were a number of cites of 'clit-mouse', 'clit mouse', and even
>one for 'mouse clit' on various techie-type sites.  Here's an example
>(supply your own [sic]s):

And for anatomical completeness, here's an entry from the Jargon File:

tits on a keyboard n.

Small bumps on certain keycaps to keep touch-typists registered. Usually on
the 5 of a numeric keypad, and on the F and J of a QWERTY keyboard; but
older Macs, perverse as usual, had them on the D and K keys (this changed in

Is this gynomorphizing?


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