Fred Cassidy

Bethany K. Dumas dumasb at UTK.EDU
Fri Jun 16 03:18:24 UTC 2000

I first met him about 1967, when he spoke at LSU (I was teaching at the
"other," the "predminantly" university in Baton Rouge). That was the same
year that I met Roger Shuy and also, I think, Wm. Stewart. If it had not
been for them, I would not have gone into Lx.

Later, I visited his shop in Madison - fascinating.

He was scholar, friend, gentle man. I recall a visit he paid to us here in
Knoxville. The second night he was here, several of us went to dinner at
the Hyatt Regency. As we ordered, Fred asked to buy a bottle of wine for
the table. Then he confessed that he had not had dinner the night before.
He had been rerouted (through Memphis, as I recall) and had gotten to
Knoxville so late that he had foregone dinner. Of course, he did not tell
us that the night before.

I wanted to interview for DARE, but my entry into the game was a bit too


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