Cooking South of the Rio Grande (1935)

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Wed Jun 21 00:48:49 UTC 2000

   I finally picked up my copies from last week.  From COOKING SOUTH OF THE RIO GRANDE (San Antonio, 1935):

Pg. 21:
_Menudo con Pezole_
   Cut the tripe into very small pieces.  Clean very carefully.  Place in a kettle with water to cover and cook over a very slow fire until it is soft and tender.  Add salt, black pepper, garlic, chile powder and hominy to suit your taste.  Serve hot.

Pg. 27:
1 dozen tortillas
1 lb. white cheese (grated)
   Place grated cheese on tortilla and wrap, fastening with a tooth pick; place in a hot oven without fire until cheese melts and pour over tortilla when removed from oven, a hot sauce to suit taste.

Pg. 28:
   Use the Tortilla dough making tortillas exactly as directed in previous recipe.  Instead of baking over a griddle pan, the raw tortilla is fried in deep fat until it fluffs up.  After it is golden brown and is puffed up as much as it will go, fold carefully in half and fry some more until it is very crisp.  Remove from fat and drain on heavy brown paper.

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