need DARE pairs

Katie Schack katie at LING.LING.ROCHESTER.EDU
Fri Jun 23 17:36:43 UTC 2000

On Fri, 23 Jun 2000, Johanna N Franklin wrote:

>     I always thought that although these referred to the same basic kind
> of thing, that frosting was the thick kind, like you would put on a
> carrot cake, and icing was more of a glaze, like you would put on an
> angel food cake.  Does anyone else make this differentiation?

I make this same distinction mentally, at least, although I'm not sure
where I acquired it from.  I think growing up I called everything we made
either frosting or glaze, but then again we didn't ever put anything in
the glaze category on cakes or cookies, which are the things that in my
mind one could potentially put icing on.

As long as I'm here, how about the pair sore/lame (as in, how to describe
how you feel after exercising too much)?  That is, if we're venturing past
the O's.


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