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You might leave in some of the terms with >o words and ask them to add information they
get in their interviews on these >o words and have them speculate about what might be in
the next volume of DARE.  I assume you'll ask the students to get other (quasi-)synonyms
in their interviews.


Greg Pulliam wrote:

> Several people have asked, so I'm writing to pass along my planned project assignment
> for my summer students. The class:  "The American English Language."  A sort of hybrid
> of History of the English Language and American Dialects.  It runs 8 weeks--3 hours/day,
> 2 days/week.  We have spent June with Barber's _The English Language: A Historical
> Introduction_.  We will spend July with Wolfram and Schilling-Estes' _American
> English_.  It's a junior-level class, but of course has sophomores and seniors in it,
> too.  About half the class is American and half international. The project:  From a list
> of DARE pairs, students choose a pair, then use DARE and its very helpful website to
> write up a 3-4 page overview of the terms and the people who use them.  Next, find the
> survey question/s used to elicit these terms, and ask a specific number of people (what
> do you ADSers think--5?  10?  15?) the same question.  Record demographic, ethnic and
> geographical (like where they were born/raised/etc.) information for these respondents
> as well as their answers to the question.  Write up a 3-4 page account of your
> findings. Thanks to Don Lance for helping me figure this out.  I'm also open to any
> suggestions folks might have, especially if you have done something like this yourself
> and know where the pitfalls are. Here is the tentative list of "pairs" I am working
> with--I appreciate all contributions.  Remember, all pair members must begin with the
> letters A-O.  I'm aware of pairs such as couch/davenport, but since there's another
> major term in that trio--sofa--that we can't access yet, I'm not going to include it.
> I'm considering removing the hoagie group for this reason--sub and po'boy can't come
> into the picture yet.  I have 11 students, so I think this list will suffice, but feel
> free to comment on these or suggest others. Again, thanks to all who contributed! 1.
> firefly/lightning bug2. lunch/dinner3. hoagie/hero/grinder4. eaves/gutter5.
> bureau/dresser6. burlap bag/gunny sack/croker sack7. green pepper/bell pepper/mango8.
> daddy longlegs/granddaddy longlegs9. dirt dauber/mud dauber/mud wasp10. beetle/june
> bug11. footstool/hassock/ottoman12. crawfish/crawdad/crayfish13. casserole/hot
> dish/covered dish14. flat screwdriver/flat-head screwdriver15. adjustable wrench/monkey
> wrench16. credenza/bookcase17. brush hook/Kaiser blade18. creek/crick19. egg
> cream/frappe/milkshake/malted, etc.20. monkey bars/jungle gym21. (grocery) cart/buggy22.
> andiron/firedog23. dragon fly/darning needle/mosquito hawk24. frosting/icing
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