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     "Bio-prenuer was project's driving force" is the headline in the NEW
YORK POST, 27 June 2000, pg. 8, col. 1.  The story is about Craig Venter and
that "genome" thing.


     "Dot-coms are starting to hit the green wall" is the headline in the NEW
YORK POST, 27 June 2000, pg. 42, col. 1.
     It could be a green monster.

SMOOTHIE (continued)

     "I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For...Uh...Frozen Yogurt" was in
LOS ANGELES magazine, June 1977.
     From "Where You Can Buy It," pg. 149, col. 2:

_The Cookie Farm and Dairy Co._, 1627 Fallbrook...  Alta-Dena frozen yogurt
is presented in cones, dishes, shakes, banana splits and smoothies.
_Hanging Gardens_, 160 S. Lake Ave., Pasadena, 792-8276.  Aside from dishes,
cones and banana splits, Frogurt is used in a high-protein drink and a
frozen-yogurt "smoothie."

PINA COLADA (continued)

     I could request three years at a time.  I looked through 1957-1958-1959,
1960-1961-1962, 1963-1964-1965, and 1966-1967-1968 of QUE PASA IN PUERTO RICO.
     I did NOT find "pina colada"!
     Perhaps I'll go back and check the 1970s.
     It's interesting to note that Trader Vic opened up in the Caribe Hilton
in the 1960s.
However, the Trader's own books and articles don't mention the "pina colada"
drink before the late 1960s-early 1970s.
     From QUE PASA IN PUERTO RICO, October 1957, pg. 25:

     Joe Scialom is a master bartender and world renowned mixologist.  The
former bar manager of Cairo's Shepheard's (sic) Hotel, Joe has been presiding
over the Caribar in San Juan's Caribe Hilton since early this year.
     Joe is more than just a manager--he is a creator with an almost
spiritual devotion to the spirits he dispenses.  Since he's been at the
Hilton, he has developed a number of new drinks, most of them using the
light, full flavored Puerto Rican rum as a base.
     The names Joe picks for his drinks are just as inviting as the mixtures
themselves--who can resist when the list includes such fanciful titles as the
"Tropical Itch" (served in a stylized hurricane lamp), the "Coucou Comber,"
(in a cucumber shell), or "Sol y Sombra" (sun and shade).
     Joe has found great inspiration for his fascinating drinks in Puerto
Rico.  He likes the climate, the people and the scenery.  And Puerto Rico
likes Joe.  Let's hope he stays around for a long time to come.

MARGARITA (continued)

     I went through a few years of the TEXAS MONTHLY (I must have gone
through a hundred books today), but I didn't find "fajita" or "chimichanga."
     "The Man Who Invented the Margarita" is in TEXAS MONTHLY, October 1974,
pp. 76+.  The story about Pancho Morales had been summarized by other
sources, but I finally copied it.  Anyone want an excerpt?

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