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>Clearly, Greg Pulliam was way, way off in suggesting that "pralines" is
>another name for "Turtles".   His original question, however, correctly
>implies that there is another product on the market that is highly
>similar to Turtles.  The name is "Pixies".
>I had the impression that both Turtles and Pixies were exclusive trade
>marks, and that the makers of Pixies came up with that name because they
>were blocked from calling their product Turtles.  (That's the reason for
>all the upper case initials I'm throwing in here.)  A down and dirty
>Google search, however, reveals lots and lots of recipes for making
>turtles (l.c.) in your own kitchen. The ingredients look like about what
>I'd expect to find in Turtles.
>"Pixies", on Google, got lots of information about a rock group, but I
>didn't notice anything about the trademarked candy.
>I think (but I'm not sure) that Pixies are the exclusive product of
>Fannie Mae candies.  (If they're not, then the Fannie Mae clone company
>whose name I forget has them.)

The only pixie candy I've ever come across is (are?) Pixie Stix. Though a
case could be made that the three foot editions really don't have anything
to do with pixies anymore...8-)

I've never seen pixies associated with chocolate...

And now to further promote tooth decay, the Wonka company, in their present
resurgence, are reintroducing Oompas. Only now they're fruit candies, ala
Skittles. When I first encountered them in the late 70's/early 80's, they
were chocolate and peanut butter in a round candy shell, just like today's
peanut butter and chocolate M&M's.

31yo, NE seaboard...

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