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Wed Jun 28 13:00:22 UTC 2000

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aaron at LING.ED.AC.UK writes:

<< }When I do something similar with my students (who are 99% New Jerseyans) I
 }ask them to chose someone from their own generation, parents generation, and
 }grandparents-- all native New Jerseyans.    Changes are evident in some
 }(the increasing use of 'try and' vs. 'try to',  of the /ai/ pronunciation of
 }either at the expense of /i:/ are particularly dramatic.
 }Would you clarify that last one? I have a hard time accepting "try" as
 }homophonous with "tree".
 }-- Mark A. Mandel

 Perhaps that should read :
 >>>of the /ai/ pronunciation of "either" <<< >>

Thanks Aaron-- that's what I meant.

Dale Coye

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