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   Some stuff from the NYPL's menu collection.

5 November 1881--Delmonico's has "Ragout de terrapin a la Newberg."

13 April 1882--Boston's Parker House served "French Fried Potatoes."

30 November 1905--"New England Chowder" (clam?) is on an unidentified menu.

18 September 1907--The "Waldorf-Astoria Bank of Gastronomy" served "Peches,

2 December 1910--R. H. Macy advertised "one of the largest restaurants in the
world--seating capacity 2,500."  The menu included "Clam Chowder, Manhattan,"
"Macy club" (sandwich), "Peach Melba," and "'Hell Fire' Potatoes."

2 December 1910--Memorial Hall of Harvard University served "Clam Chowder,

9 December 1910--Fifth Avenue Restaurant (23-24 Streets) served "Minced
chicken a la King," "Peaches, Melba," and "Spaghetti a la Caruso."  "Try a
Fifth Avenue cocktail."

26 November 1924--Crescent Athletic Club (Bay Ridge, Brooklyn) served
"Lobster Thermidore."

24 April 1926--Hotel Woodstock (43rd & Broadway) served "Steak Minute."


    The 2 December 1910 menu of the Hotel Grunewald in New Orleans contained
this "special egg bill" (the details of each egg dish were here, but I didn't
copy them all down):

Aigre doux, Arlequin, Benedict, Duchesse, Gounod, Matelote, Sicilienne,
Indienne, Grand Duc, Sans Gene, Viennoise, Dumas, Victorian Sardou
Bordelaise, Orleans, Comtesse Uruska, Dreppoise, Dumas, Princesse
Creole, De Lesseps, Chasseur, Grunewald, Montagnarde, Opera Turbigo, Maison
d'Or, Lorraine, Maximillian, Meyerbeer, Mirabeau, Montmorency
Bayonnaise, Charcutiere, Espagnole, Flamonde, Escarlate, Hongroise, Maitre
d'Hotel, Francaise, Printaniere, Bonne Femme, Lorenzo, Mexicaine, Agnes
Sorrel, Archduc, Clamart, Grand'mere, Massena, Princesse, Parmentier,
Provencale, Dumas, Creole
Berlioz, Tripe, Bayonnaise, Du Beurre Noir, Florentine, A la Reine,
Perigourdine, St. Denis, Riverside, Venitienne, Careme

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