Query: Illustrations in Airplane Magazine

Grant Barrett gbarrett at MONICKELS.COM
Fri Jun 30 06:39:44 UTC 2000

I'm off-list folks, but this one is derned interesting. Please forward any answers
to the original sender, although you may want to carbon-copy the list.

Mr. Barrett,
    My name is Eunice Buchanan.  You may think this request is a bit odd.
However, I recently was a passenger on a USAir Flight.  On board, I had the
pleasure of viewing an article regarding American Dialect Society.
Unfortunately, I cannot recall the name of the magazine.  The article
consisted of how certain words came into existence and the years they were
officially entered into our vocabulary.  I enjoyed the article, however, I
was somewhat disappointed.  Not in the article itself, what caught my
attention of the article was the cartoon drawings illustrating some commons
phrases and quotes used in American dialect.  For example, one drawing was a
man hitting his head against a brick wall..."hard head"; a cat in a tree with
a dog barking..."barking up the wrong tree".  Many other drawings were
represented, some of which I could not figure out.  This brings me to my
problem.  I am having a fit trying to figure out the phrases for the
remaining drawings, the answers were not given anywhere in the magazine.  If
you are familiar with this article, or have any suggestions, could you please
forward the information to me via email.  Once again, thank you for
entertaining this odd request.

Eunice Buchanan
www.icicle0729 at aol.com

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