Query: Illustrations in Airplane Magazine

Erin McKean editor at VERBATIMMAG.COM
Fri Jun 30 20:11:51 UTC 2000

This article was in the US Airways Attache June 2000 ish.

Just quickly (Henry must be fed, and soon) I see:

asleep at the switch, cold feet, quick draw, cut the mustard, & on the ball.

I do not know what the machine in the gizmo.com crate nor the
tipped-over letterbox are supposed to signify.

Good luck!

Erin McKean
editor at verbatimmag.com

>I'm off-list folks, but this one is derned interesting. Please
>forward any answers
>to the original sender, although you may want to carbon-copy the list.
>Mr. Barrett,
>     My name is Eunice Buchanan.  You may think this request is a bit odd.
>However, I recently was a passenger on a USAir Flight.  On board, I had the
>pleasure of viewing an article regarding American Dialect Society.
>Unfortunately, I cannot recall the name of the magazine.  The article
>consisted of how certain words came into existence and the years they were
>officially entered into our vocabulary.  I enjoyed the article, however, I
>was somewhat disappointed.  Not in the article itself, what caught my
>attention of the article was the cartoon drawings illustrating some commons
>phrases and quotes used in American dialect.  For example, one drawing was a
>man hitting his head against a brick wall..."hard head"; a cat in a tree with
>a dog barking..."barking up the wrong tree".  Many other drawings were
>represented, some of which I could not figure out.  This brings me to my
>problem.  I am having a fit trying to figure out the phrases for the
>remaining drawings, the answers were not given anywhere in the magazine.  If
>you are familiar with this article, or have any suggestions, could you please
>forward the information to me via email.  Once again, thank you for
>entertaining this odd request.
>Eunice Buchanan
>www.icicle0729 at aol.com

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