1955 Seattle drinks (long)

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Barry Popik has probably unearthed all of these before, but I can't recall
a posting. These are all taken from a thin book about Seattle restaurants:
Speidel, William C. You can't eat Mount Rainier! (illustrated by Bob
Cram) Portland, Ore. : Binfords & Mort, 1955.
Several pages down there is a recipe of Cappuccino, or at least something
called a Cappuccino.

All of the restaurants are, or at least were in Seattle:

Catherine's Cocktail (Catherine of Deverso's)--1/2 jigger whiskey, 1 t
maraschino cherry juice, 1 1/2 jiggers Italian vermouth. Serve in a Gibson
glass garnish w/cherry

"Irving's 620 adds a zany touch to a dry martini ..."
Glacier Worm Cocktail--1 pt French vermouth, 3 pts gin, dash of orange
bitters, twist of lemon peel, piece of cooked macaroni ... "Irving's
garnish: draw a face at one end of the macaroni with an indelible pencil,
insert a bit of pimento for the tongue and curl the 'glacier worm' around
inside the glass" [N.B. Irving's 620 is no longer in business.--adm]

>From Warling's cocktail recipe from the Swedish liner Gripsholm
Jeanette special--1 1/4 oz Aquavit, 1/2 oz Cointreau, 2 oz lemon sour
mix w/cracked ice , strain into glass.

>From the Marine Room
Lady Olympic--1 oz vodka, 1/2 oz Cherry Herring, juice of 1/2 lime. mix in
electric mixer strain into cocktail glass.

>From Bob the bartender at Pancho's
Shortsnorter--3 dashes Triple Sec, 3 oz Jamaica rum, 1 oz bourbon. place
in an old fashioned glass over ice, add 7-Uo and juice of 1/4 lime, stir

>From the Plaid Piper
Tartan special--1/3 oz heavy cream, 1 t honey, 1 oz scotch. shake with
ice, strain into cocktail glass

>From Selandia [there are several Scandinavian theme resaurants, as one
might expect, and this drink is very similar to the one cited above
from Warling's--adm]
Three crown cocktail--3/4 oz Aquavit 3/4 oz Triple Sec juice of 1/2 lemon
shake, serve in frosted glass

The Ranch has
Evergreen tree topper--1 1/2 oz vodka, 1/2 oz creme de cocao, 1/2 oz lime
juice, green creme de menthe. use chimney glass filled with fine ice and
add above, fill with soda and top off with green creme de menthe, garnish
with cherry and orange, serve with straws.

Another from Pancho's
Flamingo--1 oz Kahlua, 1 oz sweet cream, 3/4 oz Chamberryzette, 3/4 oz
simple syrup. shake well w/cracked ice, strain into large fizz glass, top
with nutmeg

An original from The Colony "... as mixed by Art Sampson."
The Jaguar--2 oz Jamaica rum, 1/8 oz sweet port, 1/4 oz Cognac, 1/8 oz
sweet vermouth, 1/8 oz sloe gin, juice of 1 lime, 1/8 oz Cointreau, 1/8 oz
Creme de cacao, dash simple syrup, dash almond syrup. pour all into
frosted chimney glass filled with crushed ice, fill up with
champagne. topping--long sliver of fresh pineapple--four picks with a
cherry on each stuck into pineapple

>From El Gaucho
Pampas pipperoo--1 oz lemon juice, 1/4 oz grenadine, 1/2 oz orange juice,
1/2 oz light rum, 1/2 oz simple syrup. fill a 14 oz chimney glass 3/4 full
of fine ice and above ingred. add seltzer to almost fill then float 1/2 oz
demerara rum. take 1/2 lime shell (already squeezed) turn inside out, set
on top of the glass, pour in a little 151 proof Demerara rum and light.

>From Skipper's [not the present day Skipper's, I'm sure--adm]
Roof raiser--2 oz dark rum, 3/4 oz Passionola, 1/2 oz lemon juice, 1/2 oz
Curacao. blend with ice, put in Zombie glass over cracked ice, garnish
with pineapple cube, cherry and mint leaf

Harold's Charcoal Broiler
Sage 'n' sand desert cooler--1 oz brandy, 1/4 oz creme de menthe, orange
juice, lemon juice. put brandy and creme de menthe in a tall glass, fill
1/3 with lemon juice remainder with orange

Four Winds restaurant
Schooner--1/2 oz Ron Rico rum, 1/2 oz 151 proof rum, 2 oz port wine, 1 1/2
oz papaya juice, 1 oz sugar syrup, 1 oz lemon juice. squeeze juice of one
lime, add rest of ingredients and mix. pour over ice.

Not surprisingly from the Kalua Room:
Surf and sand (for 2)--3 oz orange juice, 3 oz lemon juice, 3 oz light
rum, 1 1/2 oz Orgeat syrup, 1/2 oz brandy, 1 1/2 scoops shaved ice. fill
large rum cup 3/4 full of chipped ice, mix and blend above ingred. pour
into bowl of ice and float gardenia on top.

Norselander has
Viking fog cutter--1 oz rum, 1/2 oz brandy, 1/2 oz gin, 2 oz lemon juice,
1 oz orange juice, 1/2 oz Orgeat, Aquavit float. shake all but
Aquvit. pour into 12 oz glass fill with cracked ice and float
Aquavit. serve with straws.

****under the section "Special Ambrosias" is the following:

"A most delightful drink which takes its name from the early Capuchin
monks. Rosellini's [legendary Seattle reataurant--adm] makes it with
special steam pressure equipment ...
Milk, sweet chocolate or sweet cocao, liquor (either Rum, Brandy or
Bourbon). Put a teaspoon of sweet chocolate or sweet cocao in a cup or
special hot drink glass--pour 1 oz heated milk and stir. When chocolate or
cocoa is dissolved, fill cup 3/4 full of heated milk (not boiling). Then
add 1 oz favorite liquor"

Finally a drink by Peter Canlis [Canlis is another venerable Seattle
restaurant which is still in business--adm]
Sea breeze--Cognac, green creme de menthe, heavy cream, white creme de
cocao, handful of ice. blend rapidly in blender, serve in champagne glass.

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