cappucino--a query

Jerome Foster funex79 at SLONET.ORG
Mon Nov 6 04:14:00 UTC 2000

A note to cappuccino discussants:

I have in front of me as I write this a somewhat worn glass ashtray
purloined  in a moment of drunken abandon from the Tosca Cafe on Columbus
Avenue in San Francisco, "HOME OF THE FAMOUS CAPPUCCINO." Beneath this are
the names Fred Landi and Ugo pieri. And yes the drink as made there was
chocolate with rum or brandy. I live in San Francisco for several months in
1948  and I remember having  it a number of times. In more recent years as
the "real" cappuccino has become  more popular and available I have often
wondered why it differed from my memory of what a cappuccino was. This
discussion has helped clear that for me.   Thanks.

J Foster

 "sagehen" <sagehen at SLIC.COM>
Sent: Sunday, November 05, 2000 12:55 PM
Subject: Re: cappucino--a query

> Gerald Cohen writes:
> >"cappuccino": Bevanda a base di caffè espresso e latte.<
> This comports  better with my own recollection that the last time I was in
> Italy, thirty years ago, cappuccino was a coffee/milk  drink.  I was
> puzzled by the references to it as a chocolate concoction.
> A. Murie

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