"Jazbo" (Jan. 3, 1916)

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Mon Nov 6 17:55:26 UTC 2000

   Greetings from the Library of Congress, where I did not find anything
under "Fred Landi" or "cappuccino" in the copyright section.  The copyrights
are divided 1898-1937 and then 1938-1945.  I checked for books and songs.
Trademarks are in another building.


   JAZZ--AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY by Geoffrey C. Ward (the companion book to
the PBS documentary by Ken Burns that will premiere in January) will hit the
bookstores tomorrow.
   The earliest "jazz" song copyright (I may have cited this before) is:

by Arthur S. Shaw
January 3, 1916
Forster Music Publishers, Chicago

   "Jazz" in Chicago in 1915-1916!

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