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Tue Nov 7 20:08:37 UTC 2000

   From the DAILY NEWS (NY), 7 November 2000, pg. 44, col. 1:

_Madonna shows off_
_"Music" in a "show-ette"_
   For her part, Madonna turned this 25-minute pit stop into a close
encounter worth cherishing.
   Certainly, the "show-ette" didn't skimp on production values.

    Ric Burns is the brother of Ken Burns, to correct my last posting.  Ken
Burns is not Ken Burns's brother.
    OFF TOPIC: Also in the DAILY NEWS, pg. 41, is "Reason flunks out in
Electoral College."  Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin and Republican Rep. Ray
LaHood will introduce legislation to try and change the system.  (Too late
for this election, but still...)  FWIW, I also wrote a letter to Ross Perot,
who got over 10% of the vote in 1992 but 0 electors.

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