Cute Ute; Chadgate

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Sun Nov 12 19:46:26 UTC 2000


   The Sunday NEW YORK TIMES, Automobile section, uses "cute ute."  There are
50 Dow Jones database hits, but 21 in the past year.  The earliest "cute ute"
for a sports utility vehicle is the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS, 11-11-1995, "Suzuki
gets cute," pg. 1C:

   What is it?  A dune buggy?  A golf cart?
   No, a cute ute.

   The LOS ANGELES TIMES, 4-26-1996, uses "cute ute" regarding Toyota's RAV4.
   This cutesy thing ain't goin away.


   I was beaten to the ADS-L punch on "chad."  I hang my chad in shame.
   Sunday's NEW YORK POST has "Chadgate."
   Actor Chad Everett could be behind this.


   PC MAGAZINE editor-in-chief Michael Miller was my editor on THE
POLYTECHNIC (voted an All-America college newspaper) at Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute.  He's gone on to great heights while I beg newspapers
for decades to give my research away for free, or even to correct errors.

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