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   Some notes on "rap" and Gill Scott-Heron.
   I started reading New York's AMSTERDAM NEWS and got from January-August

Summer 1974, THE JOURNAL OF NEGRO EDUCATION, pages 310- 318.
_On Rapping With the Inner-City Dude_
John W. Green, School of Education, Howard University
   Pg. 310--"It be's like that."  Don't understand what that means?  Don't
feel badly; to a large extent, that is what "rapping" is all about.
   Pg. 316--To summarize our "rap session"...

July 1975, EBONY, pg. 28 bio credit--Gil Scott-Heron, 26, is a musician and
writer whose first novel, _The Vulture_, was published when he was 19.  He
also wrote _Small Talk at 125th and Lenox_ (a collection of "rap verse") and
a second novel, _The Nigger Factory_.

25 April 1981, AMSTERDAM NEWS, pg. 39, col. 2--Bobby Robinson of Enjoy
records of 125th Street, N.Y.C. has just released "Feel the Heartbeat," by
Pumpkin and Freinds, both vocal and instrumental (It is a rap disc).

11 July 1981, AMSTERDAM NEWS, pg. 43, col. 1:
Marie Moore
_Jack the Rapper_
_"raps" it like it is_
   There is a man you probably would not be familiar with unless you're in
the music business or broadcasting.  His name is _Jack the Rapper_.  He has a
publication that comes out of Florida, but no one escapes his wrath.
(What publication is that?--ed.)

11 July 1981, AMSTERDAM NEWS, pg. 45, col. 3--Richard "Dimples" Fields /
Dimples / Broadwalk.  Look all you rappers here comes an lp that will truly
have you calling your friends and telling them about this hot tune titled
"She's Got Papers on Me."

31 August 1981, NEWSWEEK, "A Flap Over a Rap," pg. 65, col. 2--In fact,
"Papers"--the title is black slang for "marriage license"...

June 1982, BLACK ENTERPRISE, "Rapping Their Way to Gold," pages 233-238.  Pg.
233, col. 2:
   Sylvia Robinson didn't really want to be at the Harlem World Disco on that
hot Sunday evening in 1979.
   (...)(Col. 3--ed.)
   Robinson, an experienced songwriter and singer, soon scooped three
Englewood, NJ teenagers off the street and into a studio to record _Rapper's
Delight_, a rap record based on Chic's rhythm for "Good Times."  The
Robinsons started a new company called Sugar Hill Records, and dubbed their
rappers the Sugar Hill Gang.  This was the first time New York City's rapping
style had been recorded, and to the mainline music business's amazement, the
record became the hottest seller of 1979, in the United States and Canada,
while also making the Top Ten in Western Europe, Israel, and South Africa.
The Robinsons claim that _Rapper's Delight_ has sold more than 2 million
copies in the US alone, grossing mor e than $3.5 million, and sparking a
legion of imitations.

21 March 1983, TIME, pg. 72, col. 1:
_Chilling Out on Rap Flash_
_New City music brings out the last word in style_
   Def.  Definitely def.  Definitely def, indeed. (...)
   ...this subculture, nicknamed hip hop...

26 May 1983, ROLLING STONE, pg. 18, col. 1:
It's fresh.  It's the new deal.  It's called "hip hop."

by Gil Scott-Heron
Payback Press, 1996 and 1999

Pg. viii (1996--ed.)--...a bit of "C.H.A."..."cover his ass."

(From THE VULTURE--ed.)

Pg. 8--...his eyes took on the deep concentration of a man who's really
enjoying his own rap.

Pg. 10--...if he ketch you, yo' ass iz grass.

Pg. 12---"You got trey bags?" I asked.  "Treys _an'_ nickels."

Pg. 23--"An' my rap ain' that good?"  (Rap=excuse--ed.)

Pg. 32--"Whuss happnin'?"

Pg. 33--..."yeah, well dadadadada"... (Yadda-yadda-yadda?--ed.)

Pg. 45--"I don't give a fuck," I snorted.

Pg. 153--"Well, then, my dear, we'll order you a dragon in milk."  "What's
that?" (Pg. 154--ed.)  "A large Coke with a scoop of ice cream."

Pg. 174--"A yard."  "Whew!  Can't be that small if it's worth a yard to you.
A hundred dollars ain' no small action."

(The following is from NIGGER FACTORY, the second novel--ed.)

Pg. 257--"I have a saying for students on my campus.  It says: 'My way or the

Pg. 291--We bad!  We Black!

Pg. 336---Gash man.  Gash man.

Pg. 375--"You the Man!  You the Head Man!"

Pg. 442--"What's up?"

Pg. 462--"Let's list a few things that we want Baker to rap about when the
party starts."

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