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Another "Yale cocktail", found in a Swedish book: 200 Cocktailsrecept by T. Iceman, 1931.

1 glass of gin (dry)
1 dash of angostura
3 dashes of orange-bitter
Pour and add a little Vichy water (soda) and a few drops of lemon juice

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>    Oh, all right.  The things I do for that college!
> Being the 200 Authentic Favorite Formulas of a Pre-Volstead "Wine Clerk" Who
> Smilingly Served
>    ALL MEN
>    and
>    and
> Whatsoever "Little Hearts Desire"
>    Indexed with
> Foreword of Fond Recollections
> General Instructions
> and
> Allusional Headnotes to Individual Recipes
> (By Jere Sullivan, 1930--ed.)
> Pg. 28:
> Known to Yale Men Everywhere.
>    _Yale._
> 1/3 French Vermouth
> 1/3 Gin
> 1/3 Creme de Yvette
> Shake and strain into a cocktail glass
> Pg. 41:
>    _Copper Kettle_
>    Twice or thrice a year, on occasions hoary with custom and ebulient with
> spirit, such as initiations, convocations and reunions, this Nectar of Men
> was brewed and the Fathers and Sons of Old Eli quaffed it--in almost ritual
> of ne'er forgetting toast and pulsing jolly song.
>    This Punch is made only in quantity.  Its precise formula depended
> obviously on the number in attendance and the conservative or liberal
> character of the festive occasion.  The (Pg. 42--ed.) base of the Punch was
> Cider and Rum, Champagne and Claret and Maraschino being added to suit, lemon
> and sugar also to taste, and enough charged water to adjust to strength.
>    Making this Punch a few days ahead insured its being all the better.
> Charged water was added only when ready to serve.
>    The Author gives herewith a specimen formula of this Punch employed by him
> to prepare it for a _spirited reunion of twenty_ Old Grads:
> _The Traditional Yale Punch--the Wassail Bowl of Her Social Fraternizations._
> 6 lemons sliced
> 1 gallon of Cider
> 1 quart of St. Croix Rum
> 1 pint of Maraschino
> 1 quarter pound of sugar
> 2 quarts of Champagne
> 1 pint of Claret.
>    These ingredients were compounded on the evening of the nineteenth of the
> month; on the afternoon of the twenty-first; the mixture was taken to the
> place of reunion, placed in the bowl, a large lump of ice was given it and
> when it was about to be partaken, a very little charged water was added to
> guarantee it "life."
> Pg. 46:
>    _Smashes_
>    A Smash differed from a Cobbler or Cooler by offering a small and short
> rather than a tall and long cooling drink.  It was a hot weather drink, and
> of Southern extraction, as evidenced by the Mint.
> _Yale._
>    Use an old-fashioned Whiskey cocktail glass; add 1/4 loaf of sugar with a
> little water and a few sprigs of Mint; crush all together; add a few lumps of
> ice; a small quantity of Grenadine syrup; pour a drink of Gin.

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