Yale drinks

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Tue Nov 14 01:27:49 UTC 2000

Doug Wilson writes (in response to my plaintive cry about the Yale cocktail):
>>... most if not all of us can't even get our hands on a good
>>bottle of Creme de Yvette.  Or on why it isn't spelled Creme
>>d'Yvette, whatever it is.
>It seems to be a trade name for creme de violette or something very similar:
>Possibly it is not produced any more. There are other similar products; e.g.,

I should have checked the web, of course.  Thanks for the references;
the latter one is especially provocative, since it takes us from Yale
in general to our new president-elect or pretender to the throne
(depending on your political affiliation) in particular:


                           7 / 10 Violette
                           3 / 10 Vodka
                           Couvrir de crème fraîche

Yes, a W.  Of course, this is a French site, so it's pronounced a
"double-V" [dubl at ve], where the two V's are the Violette and the
Vodka.  But it's nice to know we'll have an official drink for the
new administration, if that's the one we get.  I assume if it's Gore,
we can invent some variant of the Bloody Mary.

(Was that non-partisan enough for the apoliticos in the group?)

larry, still wondering why it's Creme de Yvette and not Creme d'Yvette

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