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    "Cuban Sandwich" is in DARE.  See previous ADS-L postings.  This article
specifically addresses the Tampa restaurant.
    From AMERICAN RESTAURANT MAGAZINE, August 1955, pg. 54, col. 1:

_Special Demand for Sandwich Specialty_
100 to 250
Sold at noon by
Tampa, Fla., restaurant,
A southern "Dagwood",
it includes
boiled ham,
roast pork,
swiss cheese,
sour pickles and
mustard or mayonnaise
in 7-inch loaf
of Spanish Bread.
    (Pg. 55, col. 1--ed.)
    CUBAN sandwiches, a kind of southern "Dagwood," are one of the best
"short order" lunches in Tampa, Florida.  They are a specialty of Tampa's
well known Las Novedades Spanish Restaurant and as many as 100 are served at
noontime daily, with up to 250 of them merchandised on Saturdays.
    It is made up of a combination of boiled ham, roast pork, salami, Swiss
cheese, sour pickles and mustard or mayonnaise, plus Spanish bread.
    To prepare them, the chef first splits a hefty seven-inch slice of
Spanish bread.  On half the bread goes a base of boiled ham, covered with
roast pork slices; next, two salami halves; then strips of natural Swiss
cheese; a couple of slices of sour pickle, and a coating of mayonnaise or
mustard to complete the item.
    Dozens of Cuban sandwiches are made up in advance for noontime trade to
meet daily demand for them.
    Las Novedades, first established in 1890, is operated by five partners
who have directed the restaurant since 1939...

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