Crazy Bone

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Sun Nov 26 12:37:45 UTC 2000

>This evening's 500 pound question on England's version
>of _Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?_ was, "Which of
>these is called the 'crazy bone' in the USA?"  The
>answer was the 'funny bone.'  Does anyone know in what
>regions 'crazy bone' is commonly used?  Or have the
>Brits got it wrong?

Not really *wrong*, but ...

The RHUD shows "crazy bone" (= "funny bone") labeled "Chiefly Northern,
Midland, and Western U.S.". Probably there's a study somewhere.

I've heard "crazy bone" used routinely (northern and midland), but in my
personal experience it's been much less frequent than "funny bone" in the
same regions.

-- Doug Wilson

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