Children's Menus (1922)

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Wed Nov 29 02:40:36 UTC 2000

     THE HOTEL INDUSTRY is a periodical comparable to THE HOTEL MONTHLY.  It
has some interesting food items and I've just started going through it.
     From THE HOTEL INDUSTRY, July 1922, pg. 11:

_Make the Menu Attractive_
(...) _"Oscar" Features Children's Menu at Waldorf_
(Photo of Oscar & friends with the caption: "The Children's Menu Introduced
by Oscar at the Waldorf Met with Instant Favor")
(Pg. 12, col. 2--ed.)
   Lately some of our best hotels have awakened to the fact that a bill of
fare suitable for children is a good thing to have and no less a culinary
authority than "Oscar of the Waldorf" has compiled such an attractive
children's menu, that the daily papers all over the country have commented
upon it, so unusual is it for anything to be done at attractive menu making,
especially for children.

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