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   MERCHANT RESTAURATEUR MAGAZINE (established 1931) was published in Newark, NJ, and had such writers as Louis De Gouy.  It seemed vibrant in the late 1940s, when it did an extended story about National Sandwich Month (with no "hoagie" or "hero" or "sub" in sight), but deteriorated quickly.  The NYPL's last issue is from 1953.
   Affiliated publications that I might want to look through are:

THE CATERING MAGAZINE--For hotel, restaurant and all culinarians...  Official organ of the Helvetian Ass'n of North America, Inc.
SERVICE MAGAZINE--Official monthly of the Tuskegee Institute of Alabama.  The only Colored magazine of its kind.
RESTAURANT BUREAU'S NEWS LETTERS--Quick and timely information and service.  (No ads)

March 1947, MERCHANT RESTAURATEUR MAGAZINE, pg. 5--(Cartoon ad for Duvernoy & Sons, Inc., Bakers, 633 West 44th St. NYC.  "Look..a Duvernoy Hot Cross Bun!"  Two men are following a beautiful woman.  One looks at the hot cross buns, while another looks at the woman's rear end.  "Bun" slang use at this time?--ed.)

May 1947, MERCHANT RESTAURATEUR MAGAZINE, pg. 8, col. 1--YOU SLEEP LIKE A BABY AT THE BERKELEY.  (Ad for Berkeley Carteret on-the-Ocean-at-Asbury Park, NJ.  A photo shows a card picture of a sleeping baby and "i do not wish to be disturbed" that's used in the hotel--ed.)

July 1947, MERCHANT RESTAURATEUR MAGAZINE, pg. 20, col. 1:
_They're Kind to Animals in Tacoma!_
_Tacoma Cafe Starts Unique Service For Patrons' Dogs_
   THE _New Yorker Cafe_ in Tacoma, Washington, has recently instituted a personalized service for its customers with a novel and original "_Snack-Sac_," a glacin lined, grease proof bag in which patrons may take home bones and other food scraps for their pets.  Patrons also find the "Snack-Sac" a handy container in which to take home excess portions of meat and pastry for themselves.
   This attractive "Snack-Sac" done in two colors shows an appealing and hungry dog saying "Dog-Gonit...I hope they don't forget my New Yorker Cafe 'Snack-Sac'."

August 1947, MERCHANT RESTAURATEUR MAGAZINE, pg. 2--(An ad for E. F. Drew & Co.'s advanced scientific detergent shows its cartoon character called "Mr. Cleanliness," of possible use for "Mr. Clean"--ed.)

September 1948, MERCHANT RESTAURATEUR MAGAZINE, pg. 12, col. 1--REMEMBER the days when a diner was--just a diner?  When you perched up on a hard stool and for a thin dime got a cup of coffee and a hamburger slopped at you by a greasy counter man?  And when nice ladies crossed to the other side of the street just to avoid the Romeos--and the smells?  Sure, you say, you remember.  In fact you can still think of a few places like that around town.  So what has that got to do with the price of beef steak? (...)  Wait a minute, you say.  Weren't we speaking of diners and sloppy Joes a minute ago?

October 1948, MERCHANT RESTAURATEUR, pg. 10, col. 2--Chef _Barth_ indubitably knows his business, and has had extensive experience both here and abroad, "cheffing" in such celebrated places as the _Bristol_ in the Tyrolean Alps....

February 1949, MERCHANT RESTAURATEUR MAGAZINE, pg. 10, col. 2--I know of one chef--or should I say "chef-ess." who tried the recipe out on the home range....

July 1950, MERCHANT RESTAURATEUR MAGAZINE, pg. 3, col. 2--_Msg--or Ac'cent, or Zest, or Peking Powder_--has been extensively used in canned soups, frozen foods, and as a seasoning agent by hotels, restaurants and institutions, since its introduction into this country in 1934....

April 1951, MERCHANT RESTAURATEUR MAGAZINE, pg. 8, col. 1--Greeted by _Dick Hey_ the new Catering Manager our attention was called to a French Proverb appearing on the daily menus as follows: _"A Meal Without Wine Is Like A Day Without Sunshine"_--And how true!
(A similar "day without sunshine" phrase was later used for Florida orange juice ads--ed.)

October 1951, MERCHANT RESTAURATEUR MAGAZINE, pg. 12, col. 1--(Drawing of a chef holding a ladle in one hand, winking his eye, and giving the "OK" sign with the other hand--ed.)

December 1952, MERCHANT RESTAURATEUR MAGAZINE, pg. 20--_Let's Glorify the Art of "Cheffing"_.

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