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V & OK SIGNS (continued)

BETTERS HOMES AND GARDENS, pg. 97 (1952? I forgot to write in the date, which didn't make the copy)--An ad for V-8 shows Claudette Colbert, "soon to be appearing in "The Planter's Wife," giving the V-sign, for V-8 cocktail vegetable juices. She has the palm in rather than out--just a finger away from "the finger."

August 1949, AMERICAN HOME, pg. 47--An ad for LA FRANCE BLUING FLAKES has a downward "OK" sign with the caption "Perfect with soap or detergent."


STINKO-BURGER--The recipe is on page 118, col. 2, BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS, July 1952.  It comes from 2-EE's Drive-in.  It's "a quarter pound of juicy broiled hamburger with _big_, powerfully fragrant onion slices, all tucked into a jumbo, buttered bun.

1 January 1955, SATURDAY EVENING POST--The great sandwich article cited by Merriam-Webster and others.

August 1955, HOLIDAY, pg. 61--"America's Sublime Snack" article mentions Reuben's restaurant, Guinea Hero, Submarine, Poor Boy, and Hoagie.  No etymological clues.

16 October 1956, LOOK, pg. 114--"The Great American Sandwich" article  has "Hero" and forgettable sandwich names such as "Walter Winchell" and "Soap-Opera Special."


   From RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT, February 1933, pg. 77, menu in column 2:



July 1932, RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT, pg. 27, col. 1 menu--Crisp bacon, sliced tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise...30.

May 1933, RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT, pg. 214, col. 2 menu--Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato 30.

September 1947, MERCHANT RESTAURATEUR MAGAZINE, pg. 19, col. 1--BACON, LETTUCE AND TOMATO.  (This is the large sandwich article, with many sandwiches given and Dagwood Bumstead mentioned--ed.)


   John Mariani has "French fried onion rings" from 1939.  I noticed "French Onion Rings" on both pages 412 and 413 in the previously cited Annex, Portland, Oregon, menu from RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT, June 1936.

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