"Don't block the box"

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The expression, the intent, (and to some extent the white lines) are
used identically in San Francisco, though I believe this is a
statewide phenomenon.

>ADS listers
>The expression "Don't block the box" is used in New York City as a
>warning to motorists to avoid entering a busy intersection that they
>cannot get through before the light changes to red.  The city warns,
>on signs and on the radio, that there will be severe penalties if
>one is ticketed for this.  At some intersections, "the box" is
>marked off with white lines painted in that area.  The idea is to
>prevent gridlock, a particular problem in NYC, esp. during the
>holiday season.
>Is this expression used in other US cities?  Is "the box" in the
>sense of 'intersection' used in expressions aside from this context?
>Thanks in advance for any input,
>Frank Abate


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