Bloody Mary (1939); Easy Street (1894)

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BLOODY MARY (continued)

   Oh, it's just luck.
   I had known that Lucius Beebe had "Bloody Mary" in his STORK CLUB BAR BOOK (1944).  It was only a matter of time before I found it in his columns.
   From "This New York" by Lucius Beebe, NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 2 December 1939, pg. 9, col. 2:

   George Jessel's newest pick-me-up which is receiving attention from the town's paragraphers is called a Bloody Mary: half tomato juice, half vodka.


   RHHDAS (the A-G volume has been stolen from the NYPL here) has 1897(?).
   Last Saturday, David Shulman and I had a Saturday NYPL date with a fabulous woman named Madeline Kripke.  She handed him with an original copy of R. N. Stephens' THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF STEVE BRODIE, B. J. (1894).  The "B. J." is "bridge jumper."  (By the way, someone just this week jumped off the Throggs Neck Bridge and survived.  Brodie's name was mentioned in the story.)
   From pg. 22:

   As a result he found himself, after having twice worked his way to "Easy Street," about as poor as he ever had been in his life.

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