gill (verb) = laugh

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Tue Aug 7 21:27:55 UTC 2001

    I have come across a verb "gill" (apparently = "laugh, guffaw") in
a 1913 baseball article but don't find it listed in any dictionary.
The closest I find is "gill" as a noun meaning "fool, dupe, rube." Is
this perhaps a new item for lexicographers or have I overlooked

    The context is an inter-squad spring training-game of the Oakland Oaks.
The quote appears in the _San Francisco Bulletin_, Feb. 28, 1913,
p.17/5; 'Yannigans Wallop Cerro Concretes In Opening Tussle':
'..."Tomorrow is another day," said Bill Leard, leader of the Cerros,
"and we will turn the tables on you."
        "Haw, haw, haw," gilled Parkins, "yaw couldn't even turn a
nickle over in your hand, much more turn a ball game."....'

---Gerald Cohen

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