Light in the Loafers

Jonathon Green slang at BLUEYONDER.CO.UK
Sat Aug 11 08:51:51 UTC 2001

It's in Rebecca's Dictionary of Queer Slang, 1998. It may be older but it's
not inter alia in the authoritative _The Queen's Vernacular_ (1972) or the
inferior _Gay (S)language_ (1988) As for its provenance, it's the latest use
of _light_ to imply sexual activity, the first cite for which is 1550. Along
the way we have had _light lady_, _light heels_ (17C predecessor of _little
miss roundheels_), _light housewife_ - all referring to promiscuous women,
and often whores; _lightfoot_, a gay man; _light in the tail_, promiscuous,
etc. etc,

Jonathon Green

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