Woman's World Cook Book (1931)

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by Lily Haxworth Wallace
Reilly & Lee Co., Chicago

   WOMAN'S WORLD was a periodical that lasted from about 1897-1940.  This is its cookbook.

Pg. 250:  Swedish Coffee Ring.
Pg. 262:
   _Blushing Bunny_  (follows Creamy Welsh Rarebit--ed.)
   Substitute 1 cup cooked strained tomatoes or canned tomato soup for milk and omit egg.  This recipe serves four.
Pg. 278:  Clam Chowder with Milk (Boston).
Pg. 285:
   _Tuna Surprise_
4 medium-sized cooked potatoes
1 large can tuna fish
1 small cooked cauliflower
2 cups well-seasoned White Sauce No. 2 (see page 315)
1/2 cup buttered crumbs
2/3 cup grated cheese
   Slice potatoes rather thickly, put a layer into baking dish, cover with a layer of flaked tuna fish, next a layer of cauliflower, covering this with white sauce into which two-thirds of cheese has been stirred.  Repeat layers and sprinkle remaining cheese and buttered crumbs over top.  Bake in moderate oven--350-375 degrees F.--half an hour.  Serves four to six.
Pg. 290:
   _London Broil_ (See ADS-L archive for 1932--ed.)
   A "London Broil" is prepared from a thin flank steak, trimmed, then thoroughly pounded with a wooden mallet or rolling pin to break the long fibers of the meat.  A very little flour may be spread over surface of meat before pounding.  Broil quickly, season with butter, salt and pepper or spread with Maitre d'Hotel Sauce and cut into thin slices with a slanting motion of knife to cut through as many fibers of meat as possible.  Being rather dry, this steak must be very carefully cooked and seasoned, especially in regard to butter.
Pg. 299:
   _Mixed Grill_
   Allow one rib chop, one sausage, one lamb kidney, one slice bacon, one slice pineapple for each service.  Wipe chop, split and fasten kidney open with toothpick, prick sausage.  Broil all meats gently and season with salt, pepper and plain or Maitre d'Hotel Butter.  Pat pineapple dry, brush with butter and broil with meats.  Serve individual "blue plates" with French fried, shoe-string, or hashed browned potatoes and green vegetable.
Pg. 349:  Hawaiian Salad (pineapple and chicken--ed.)
Pg. 368:
   _Whole Wheat Peanut Butter_
      _and Jelly Sandwich_
   Spread slices buttered whole wheat bread with peanut butter slightly moistened with cream, spread an equal number with tart jelly.  Put the sandwiches together and cut them as desired.
Pg. 378:  "Blushing Apples" (apple-cinnamon--ed.)
Pg. 379:  Egg Cream (eggs, sugar, orange, lemon juice--ed.)
Pg. 400:  Deep Dish Pies.
Pg. 403:  "Twisties" (pastry with jam and nuts--ed.)
Pg. 411:  Lincoln Log (Jelly Roll with Mocha Frosting--ed.)
Pg. 443:  Antipasto...Chicken Diavolo.
Pg. 450:  Mantecado.

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