lowest common denominator

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Thu Aug 16 01:57:10 UTC 2001

Here is "least common denominator" from 1855 (from MoA Cornell):

["Notes on Proper Names", in "Putnam's Monthly Magazine of American
Literature, Science and Art" 5(27):323-7 (March 1855): p. 325]

<<To perpetuate their respect or love, men give their children the names of
great or good men, so handing them *down*, too literally, to posterity.
Geo. Washington Snubbs, Senaca Miggs, and Solomon Muddle, are humble but
genuine witnesses to the immortality of genius. There is some discount in
this kind of glory; it renders a white name liable to dirty handling, and
has reduced Caesar and Pompey to their least common denominator, as dogs
and donkeys.>>

-- Doug Wilson

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