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Rudolph C Troike rtroike at U.ARIZONA.EDU
Sun Aug 26 08:39:07 UTC 2001

This query was forwarded to me by a colleague, and although it does not
exactly fall in the province of American dialectology, I thought perhaps
that someone on the list might have some light to shed on this word, or
some suggestion as to where to pursue it further.

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Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 00:59:36 -0700

> Another inquiry, if you can stand it.  I'm quoting a writer named John Ferne;
> he wrote a work entitled The Blazon of Gentrie (1586).  Ferne writes: "Then
> let al men embrodure, depaint, engrave, and stampe, upon their hanginges,
> walles, windowes, and other domesticall acconstrainments, these glorious
> and commendable ensignes. . . ."
> This morning I went into the dept library to check the OED for
>  It's not a word that I can remember ever having come across, and my search
> did not turn up the word.  I think I understand the gist of the meaning:
> the writer is talking about those things in a home that are not natural
> but rather produced by man.  Should I attempt to gloss the word?  My usual
> practice in quoting a Renaissance writer is to supply a gloss within square
> brackets immediately after the word.  If the answer is yes, would you suggest
> such a gloss?
> Fred

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