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Can't be translated!

Za- a particle which may indicate, among other things, perfectivity,
result exaggeration, finality, etc...

piek- from piec- oven hence verb forms like zapiekac "to bake" and
nouns liike pieczywo "baked goods". (Note the related pieklo "hell" =
"a hot place.")

-anki - a "resultative" nominal (with a -k- dimunitive); hence "a
little baked goody." Compare adjectival zapiekany "au gratin" or
jabka zapiekane w ciescie "apple fritters."

Of course, the form may have been lexicalized (perhaps regionally) to
mean a speciifc food item, but its morphology is transparent.


KJM! I can't put any Polish letters in the above. Don't write in
telling me about barred l's, lack of marks on c's, etc ...

>    Found at a Polish "hot dog" and "hamburger" seller.  "Zapiekanki"
>is a sandwich, but can't be translated.  OED?
>    No response from the Chicago Tribune yet.
>   That e-mail that I sent was the third in just this summer.  It
>perhaps sounded like "vinegar," the others were indeed "honey" (as
>Allan Metcalf can attest) and got no response.

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