Pedals (homomiewiadomo)

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Your guide is pulling your leg. Pedal (with barred-l) is an old
Polish word for homosexual (in fact, a short form of pedarast).
Homomiewiadomo" is more like "There's a homo in the house." Ciota is
"aunt, auntie," apparently an international term for homosexual.

Get a new guide.


>    Greetings from Zakopane, Poland, your basic ski resort/tourist
>trap, now without snow, but still with crowds.
>PEDALS--Homosexuals.  When I asked my tour guide for an explanation,
>he said "because there are two."
>HOMOMIEWIADOMO--A rhyme, not really to be translated, unless you
>want "Homo, what's up?"
>CIOTA--Another term for "homosexual," but my guide couldn't translate it.
>SKI ON WINDOWSILL--To snowboard.
>HIGHLANDERS' TEA--Vodka & tea & honey, and not bad.  Also called
>"tea with (electric) current."
>OSCYPEK--Sheep cheese.  Check the web for "Polish sheep cheese."
>This stuff is everywhere here.
>(There's a church for John Paul II here in Zakopane, and we had just
>come from a smoked sheep cheese place, which prompted me to rip into
>a "Cheese-Us" joke.  Pretty cheesy, but these tourists of Polish
>descent have been telling Polish jokes all week--ed.)

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