more on "linguistic profiling" as WOTY candidate

Sonja L. Lanehart lanehart at ARCHES.UGA.EDU
Sat Dec 8 15:35:58 UTC 2001

I don't think it can be nominated for brand-spanking new since I
nominated it last year during the meeting. I was told to wait till
the 2002 meeting to nominate it for a more appropriate category than
the one I was nominating it for by the time I remembered to nominate
it. I guess I was ahead of my time.  --Sonja

>If anyone wants to take the "test" at the web site I
>mentioned (during the Thursday broadcast), it's at this URL:
>When Voice Recognition Leads to Bias
>A little additional investigation indicates that this might indeed be
>a candidate for the brand-spanking new category.  No hits at all on
>"linguistic profiling" on Nexis, and most of the google ones point
>directly back to the ABC story or to other, irrelevant uses of the
>expression (rather than the one spun off from "racial profiling" at
>issue here).  Linguist List had a brief discussion of the expression
>last September, which was inspired by a mention on NPR in either late
>August or early September (2001), so unless there's an earlier use
>around somewhere, it looks like a good candidate, and with the
>possibility of extension to contexts of "profiling" native Arabic
>speakers of English rather than for purposes of "traditional" racial
>discrimination, it may have a future.

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