more lexicographic gaps

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon Dec 10 04:08:08 UTC 2001

Since so much of what we discuss here is either lexical semantics or
lexical pragmatics, it's worth requesting that subsequent editions of
the OED and AHD contain an entry for "pragmaticist" as well as for
"semanticist".  Right now, the AHD4 has one for the latter (= 'a
specialist in semantics') but none for the former, while the OED
on-line has no entry for either one.  I haven't checked to see what
other dictionaries do here.


P.S.  The OED entry for "pragmatist", linking it to "pragmatism"
rather than to "pragmatics" [which, incidentally, is entered under
sense B4 of "pragmatic"], looks fine to me, although I wouldn't be
surprised to find some cites of "pragmatist" for what I'd always call
"pragmaticist", i.e. 'a specialist in pragmatics'

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