more lexicographic gaps

Thomas Paikeday t.paikeday at SYMPATICO.CA
Tue Dec 11 04:05:56 UTC 2001

A lexicographer's two cents:

A more pedestrian gap I noticed the other day in my OED disk (text
search) and other dictionaries in my collection is "legally blind," a
very worthy lexical item. Even Black's Law Dictionary skirts the issue.
There are many good definitions on the Internet.

Does anyone know of a dictionary that enters "legally blind"?


Laurence Horn wrote:
> Since so much of what we discuss here is either lexical semantics or
> lexical pragmatics, it's worth requesting that subsequent editions of
> the OED and AHD contain an entry for "pragmaticist" as well as for
> "semanticist".  Right now, the AHD4 has one for the latter (= 'a
> specialist in semantics') but none for the former, while the OED
> on-line has no entry for either one.  I haven't checked to see what
> other dictionaries do here.
> larry
> P.S.  The OED entry for "pragmatist", linking it to "pragmatism"
> rather than to "pragmatics" [which, incidentally, is entered under
> sense B4 of "pragmatic"], looks fine to me, although I wouldn't be
> surprised to find some cites of "pragmatist" for what I'd always call
> "pragmaticist", i.e. 'a specialist in pragmatics'

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