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I collect such stuff, but I'm having trouble in your message telling
which part is your comment and which is taken from the source. Can
you clear it up for us? Others might also like to know.



>  >From "Philadelphia Citypaper.net"
>August 14?21, 1997
>cover story
>By  Jim Quinn's guide to Philadelphia English ? spoken here like nowhere
>else in the world.
>      [...]
>But, sadly, articles about our weird and wonderful dialect always stick to
>old jokes like:
>"Jeet yet?"
>"No. Jew?"
>That's not Philadelphia dialect. That's just plain old American Slur
>Colloquial. Philadelphians talk that way when they're in a hurry, sure. But
>so does everybody else in the Northern United States. Concentrating on
>"Jeet" and"Jew" is like describing the hot dog as Philadelphia food. We do
>eat hot dogs. But if you want to know Philly, you have to try that great,
>gooey watch-your-shirt midnight dripper, the cheesesteak.
>      [...]
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