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   I had previously posted a "Johnny Marazetti" recipe from the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 22 January 1939, as well as other variations on the name of this Ohio dish.
   From SUNSET magazine, June 1937, pg. 49, col. 2:

_John Mosetta_
   Mrs. J. S. Wells of Hermosa Beach, Calif., sings the praise of John Mosetta, which is the strange name of a grand dish to serve to a big crowd.  It goes especially well after a swim in the surf.  To make it you will need:
   2 pounds of pork steak (best quality)
  10 or 12 large onions (sliced)
   2 cloves of garlic (Whew!)
   2 packages of inch-wide noodles
   1 No. 2 1/2 can of solid pack tomatoes
   1 pound of American cheese
   To make the dish, dice the pork into small cubes and fry in a hot skillet until a golden brown.  Add the sliced onions and continue until they, too, are a rich color.  While the pork is sizzling away have the noodles boiling on the stove and the tomatoes running (with your  help) through a colander.  When the noodles are done and drained add them and the tomatoes to the pork and onions.  Now add the garlic chopped and part of the cheese (cut into bits) and put all into a large baking pan.  Cover with grated cheese and bake until brown.  This may be made in advance and heated through just before using.  In fact it's better made the day before.
   With plenty of John Mosetta, French bread, and hot coffee or dry wine, you've a hearty party.


   Keep looking at that OED "ranch" entry.  It has "ranch" home from a crime novel in 1960.
   From SUNSET magazine, April 1938, pg. 48, col. 1:

_Ranch Homes_
_in the Old Tradition_
BECAUSE THIS IS a ranch issue, _Sunset_ this month presents plans and pictures of 3 Western ranch homes.

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