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We discuss American English on this list all the time, But here's a bit on a
development in a somewhat different American variety (the New Testament
translated into Hawaiian Pidgin English), courtesy of the school newspaper
of BYU's sister campus in Hawaii:

The article begins: "When Christ commissioned the teaching of his gospel to
'every nation, kindred, tongue and people,' few could have realized the
extent of this command. Finally, after 12 years, island pidgin speakers now
have the gospel of the New Testament available to their own people in their
own peculiar tongue. 'Da Jesus Book' was a labor of love for retired Cornell
University linguistics professor Joseph Grimes. With the use of 26 pidgin
speakers, Grimes was able to translate the entire New Testament with the
publishing aid of Wycliffe Bible Translators, the world's largest
organization responsible for translating holy writ into languages of tribal
and indigenous people."

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